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gorilla clip

Gorilla United

The gorilla Clip enables you to securely mount a gorilla cage almost anywhere on your bike: frame, forks, handlebar stem, trailer. 3 mounting cleats or just use 2 cleats for monkii family. Strong, stable and durable.

Universal Mounting 

Don’t have 3 bottle bosses? Want to mount a gorilla cage on your frame or forks? The gorilla clip has a universal contact shape to fit most forks/tubes using cable-ties and adhesive pads for a strong fixing. Easy to install/ remove/ reinstall by using standard cable-ties.




gorilla clip
15×3.3×2.1 cm
40 g / 1.4 oz
Maximum load
2.5 kg/ 5.5 lb
PA body x1
POM x3
In the box
.gorilla clip x1
.M5 Stainless steel screw set x3
.Cable-tie x5
.Rubber cable-stay x4
.3M VHB pad x2



Download: User Manual

Warning: All products have their limitations, read the manual carefully before using.

Keep it clean to optimize use.
Checks all the screws & cable ties regularly to ensure normal function.
Please keep some cable ties for spare once you need to re-tighten the clip.
Safety Information
4 x Cable ties must be pulled up very tight and checked regularly for tightness.
For your safety, do not operate while riding.
Maximum load: 2.5 kg / 5.5 lb

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