Our Brand Story

As he entered mid-life, founder Jung-Hui Weng, found himself in a crisis - he was trying to find the right balance between work and living.
Born in the Year of the Monkey, the old monkey-man often rode his mountain bike to Chaishan mountain in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. There he would meet with the local Formosan Rock Monkeys.
The old monkey-man soon found inspiration in the unrestrained, tough, and wild monkeys of the jungle.
"dirty old monkey" (dom) was thus born.

Our Design Philosophy

Nowadays, there are far too many examples of what we call, "Stupid High Tech" design.
We design our products around a very basic set of principles: be simple, be unique, be good.
We focus on getting 'back to basics' in every detail, an approach we refer to as, "Smart Low Tech".
The "dirty old monkey" brand (dom) has been embraced internationally as a result of this award-winning design philosophy.

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Who we are

Freeparable Design Ltd. was founded in 2007.
Based in southern Taiwan, all of our staff are passionate about cycling. In fact, we are the first and only company in Kaohsiung to have 100% of their employees commuting to work by bicycle.
We are more of a collective than a traditionally run company; at Freeparable, we don't worry about titles such as CEO.

Patents, Trademarks and Awards

All dom products are patented and trademark protected. dom is the main cycling line coming out of the Freeparable Design Ltd.
We actively participate in product design competitions, having won awards in Taiwan and abroad. We compete in these competitions not for the prestige but to hold ourselves accountable as designers.
Our first product offering was the dom T1. It won a Eurobike Award in 2009 and received two international patents.

T1 Trailer

Made in TAIWAN

We are collectors from abandoned components in order to accomplish a humor art piece. TSAI Chih-hsien (Rain) ’s iron sculpture is transforms them to a new look and gives them a new life. We put it in our booth at Taipei Cycle show. Imagination made us present unexpected figure in our everyday life.

monkii cage

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