about dom

People at Dom ride and travel with our own products.


Who is dom?

Free Parable was founded in 2007 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, by a group of people who love cycling and are keen to understand the design and manufacture of bicycle accessories. They came up with the idea of making their bike accessories and created a brand called “dom.” When the business started, it was only the founder Mr. Weng and a few bike-riding friends in a small, rented office. After more than ten years of hard work and increased team members, the company moved to a larger workspace in Kaohsiung Software Technology Park.

An Little Story Behind the Company’s Founding

After years of riding experience, Mr. Weng had difficulty finding products that fit his riding needs. On one occasion, Mr. Weng and his friends took their bikes and carry-on luggage to Thailand for a cycling trip. After arriving at Bangkok airport, they called a local taxi to drop off their luggage at the hotel and followed it on their bikes. Unexpectedly, the taxi driver crossed through the chaotic traffic at an extremely high speed. They could only keep chasing the taxi for fear of losing their luggage. After that experience, he and his friends decided to develop their product and launch a new brand. It is also the story of how the T1 Bike Trailer was born.

Dom Product

Dom products are well-positioned due to Taiwan’s prominent position in the global bicycle industry, as well as its competitive advantages in materials and industrial applications. Therefore, we insist on using MIT (Made in Taiwan) to guarantee the quality of the products.

Cycling is not only our hobby but also the source of our product creation. Characterized by creativity, riding experience, and in-house design capabilities, Dom products become unique and more specific to riding needs. Our product designs are primarily developed based on cyclists’ issues while riding. We hope people can have a better riding experience by using our products to solve the problems they encounter. One of the most distinctive features of Dom products is the design of the cleats. With the cleat mounting system, one can switch between products as needed, and the installation process is simple and hassle-free.

Design Philosophy

There are a lot of so-called “stupid high-tech” designs in the world. The founder, Mr. Weng always said, “Many products tend to be overly complex with miscellaneous designs or useless additional features. On the contrary, creating a product with simple design structures without using extra technology is more challenging.” All Dom’s products follow the “smart, but low-tech” motto. We focus on getting “back to basics” in every detail.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainability

Protecting our living environment is everyone’s job. As a brand, we have the power to go the extra mile and the responsibility to reduce our impact on the planet through every decision we make. Currently, we are working towards implementation in the direction of environmental sustainability. In the selection of products and packaging materials, we strive to focus on eco-friendly materials.

Until now, the majority of our products are packaged in FSC-certified folding cartons, and one of our latest developments is made from recycled plastic. Among our future goals, we expect to adjust the materials of previously developed products, such as replacing canvas and TPU used in product fabrics with recycled tarpaulin or waxed canvas. We know that we are only just beginning to embark on a path to make the planet sustainable. While it may take a lot of time and effort, we are fully motivated to take up this challenge.