about dom

Be Simple. Be Unique. Be Good.


Who is dom

Freeparable was founded in 2007 at Kaohsiung Taiwan. All of our staff are passionate about cycling. We are the first and only company in Kaohsiung to have all employees commuting to work by bicycle.

dom Design Philosophy

There are too many so called “Stupid High Tech” design in the world.  We focus on getting “back to basic” in every detail.  All of dom’s products follows a motto, “Smart, but Low Tech”.

Imagination makes us present unexpected figure in our daily life.  TSAI Chih-hsien (Rain) ’s iron sculpture made by abandoned old bicycle transforms them to a new look and life.

The dom brand has been embraced internationally as a result of this award-winning design philosophy.

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8F-13, 12 Fuxing 4th Rd.
Kaohsiung 806611