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Awards Winning

TPack Loading System- TAIPEI CYCLE d&I AWARD 2016

Redefined the bike rack & bag system
Easy Loading

Place your TCase or TBasket on the TRack and zip and ride. With the safety buckle, it looks great and there is no risk of it coming detached over bumpy city or country roads. Or it can also attach your existing bike bag.

Easy Carry

The TCase and TBasket are comfortable to carry off your bike. No hard projecting hooks. So it’s always smooth on your shoulder, your back or in your hand.

Height Adjustable

The TRack is height adjustable. So you can adjust the TRack for the optimum position of your TCase, TBasket or existing bike bag. Your heels won’t rub on your bag and the centre of gravity is lower for safety.

Universal Fitting

TRack does not require rear rack-threaded-eyelets on the frame, so the TRack can be fitted to most bicycles. If your frame do have threaded-eyelets, sure you can fix TRack on to it with spare screws.

Dom T2 Trailer – TAIPEI CYCLE d&I AWARD 2012

We actually are very very happy, it’s work very well. We just cross 1’200km in a desert and all the time in power, great.

Xavier, Celine and Nayla
Nomadic Life by Bike family

I used the T2 trailer when commuting and on rides, on and off road. The handling, even at speed is very impressive. It’s lightweight plus the design is great.

Steve Marsden
Cycling Development Officer, Cyclist Touring Club U.K.

A Way Through !

The world bike touring couple

Dom T1 Trailer – Eurobike AWARD 2009

Dom T1 is a very good bike trailer and the overall build quality is among
the best I have ever seen on a bicycle trailer.


In fact it’s so good as a rather over-engineered suitcase that it might even appeal to customers who will never use its cycling functions.

VeloVision issue 36

The dom brand has been embraced internationally as a result of this award-winning design philosophy.

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