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Event Sponsorship

July 2021  En Selle Pour l’Avenir

From Vancouver to Montreal by bike to fight against malnutrition and school dropout.

July 2021  Poznańska Korba

180 km in max 18hours and 200 participants around the city – Poznań.
It’s not maybe the typical long-distance race, but it’s a challenge for everyone.

December 2019  Takao Cup Bike Polo 2019

The 10th bike polo competition in Taiwan. Dom is always with you.

September 2019  WHBPC 2019

The 9th world hardcourt bike polo championship

July 2019  NAHBPC 2019

Top 18 bike polo teams from Canada, Mexico and the U.S to fight for the seats in WHBPC

The dom brand has been embraced internationally as a result of this award-winning design philosophy.

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