Taiwan, known as “The Bicycle Kingdom”, has always been at the forefront of innovative bicycle design and manufacturing. With the unparalleled industry standard, FreeParable, an award-winning Taiwanese bicycle accessories maker, aims to provide cyclists worldwide with unique and user-friendly carrying accessory alternatives.

Propelled by the trend of healthy lifestyles and encouraging government initiatives, the global bicycle market is witnessing steady growth, especially in Asia. Since more and more people are biking for fitness and commuting, it is not surprising that the demand for high-quality bicycle accessories offered by companies like FreeParable continues to escalate.


Experienced Team

Founded in 2007, FreeParable’s team consists of a group of bike enthusiasts who are not only passionate about cycling but also have extensive background in bicycle manufacturing. After experiencing difficulty finding bike accessories that truly matched their needs on the road, the team decided to develop their own products and launched the brand “dom”.

Headquartered in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, FreeParable has competitive advantages in material and industrial applications because of Taiwan’s prominent role in the global bicycle industry and the team’s core skills in design and manufacturing.

With over 10 years of experience, FreeParable’s strength lies in its creativity, flexibility, and in-house design capabilities. It insists on MIT (made in Taiwan) to assure the quality of its products.


Brand philosophy

 The brand started to make a name for itself after launching its award-winning bike trailer, dom T1, inspired by Weng’s bike trip abroad. The multi-function bicycle trailer was recognized by Eurobike Award in 2009 after it was launched and received two international patents.

“FreeParable believes in ‘smart low tech’. We have been using intuitive design to solve problems for cyclists, and advocating the spirit of freedom, simplicity, eco-friendliness, and sustainability,” said founder Jung-Hui Weng. The brand’s philosophy of “smart low tech” comes from the team’s belief that with proper product design, there is no need to rely on extra technology.

FreeParable accessories

FreeParable accessories

FreeParable produces innovative and easy-to-use bike accessories, including bottle cages, clips, and bike bags, to help cyclists carry their gear based on different loading needs.

The products are also highly recognized by the market and partners. Most notably, FreeParable collaborated with British handmade folding bike brand Brompton to develop the monkii clip B to use on Brompton bikes.


Looking ahead

When the COVID-19 outbreak started, bike distributors faced a shortage of supply when lockdowns began and European and American countries started to see a surge in industry-wide bike sales. Though new product launches were somewhat delayed because of the pandemic, FreeParable took that opportunity to strengthen the cooperative relationships with manufacturers and diversify their business marketing strategies.

Currently, FreeParable has partners in several major markets including Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Indonesia, and Japan, and is planning further expansion into Canada, the Netherlands, and Germany. The company hopes to enter the supply chain of international brands and become standard equipment for bikes.

The brand’s next goal is to attract more non-bikepacking users and general bike riders. To continue making innovative products and increase dom’s visibility in the market, FreeParable is also looking for cross-industry partnerships with different professional fields, like design collaborations with artists or the introduction of new materials.