gorilla cage II

Oversized Bike Water Bottle Holder for Bikepacking

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  • gorilla cage II
  • gorilla cage II

Cargo Cage for Bike Packing

gorilla cage II

  • Two wide straps with the design of anti-slip strips on the surface increase stability and reduce lateral movement.

  • Made of engineering plastic, lighter and more resilient than stainless steel. The cage is only 0.28 pounds, making it less of a burden to carry while riding.

  • Allows you to carry larger and bulkier items, such as oversized water bottles, shoes, and even sleeping bags, with a maximum load of 2.5kg/5.5lbs.

  • The structure of the Gorilla Cage II is based on three cleats, which provide great support and stability. However, even with only two cleats installed on the frames, the cage can be attached to the cleats tightly without slipping off.

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Wilderness Carrier

Carry something with you for great memories of adventures, bike tours, and travel.

Carry all you want

For example: Gorilla Bags, camping bags, sleeping pads, inflatable pillows, jackets, etc.
Roll something into the Gorilla Cage II and simply attach to the cleats included in the package or buy a Gorilla Clip and mount it anywhere on the frame.

gorilla cage II

gorilla cage II

Use 2 to 3 Cleats to Mount the Gorilla Cage in Different Positions

Time to Cycle!
Fasten the Cage’s Velcro Straps Before Pedaling on.




gorilla cage II
128g/ 0.28lb
Maximum load
2.5 Kg / 5.5 lb
Maximum fastening diameter
16 cm / 0.52 ft
Max. Permissible Torque
Material of gorilla cage
Engineering Plastics
Material of Cleats
Engineering Plastics
In the box
.gorilla cage II x1
.Cleats x3
.Velcro Straps x3
.Screws x3

Download: User Manual

Warning:  For your safety, do not operate while riding.

Safety Information
Do not over-tighten the splint.
Make sure the Velcro straps are not loose while riding.
Check all screws regularly to ensure the safety of your ride.



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